How to Clean my Patio and Keep it Clean: 4 Time-Saving Tips

We all know the brutal spring drill: Removing caked-on dirt, stains, moss, and fresh weeds from our patios so that our outdoor spaces look perfect when we have guests over during the summer months. All too often, we have to repeat this arduous ritual many times over the warmer season, leading us to wonder, “How to clean my patio and actually keep it clean for a while?”

Fortunately, there are methods available which will help to prevent your patio stones from accumulating dirt and eliminate moss and weeds for longer spells of time, so that the question of “How to clean my patio?” will be the last thing on your mind this summer; visit for more sound advice.

Get your Patio Cleaned Professionally at the Beginning of the Season

Having your patio deep-cleaned by professional cleaners (who use superior, commercial-grade cleaning equipment) in the spring is the only way to restore your patio to “like new” condition. All of the preventative maintenance measures to follow will work much better if you start off with a pristine patio.

how to clean my patio

Use Polymeric Sand to Prevent Weeds Growing in Between Patio Stones

Polymeric sand both greatly stalls the ability of weeds to spring up in the cracks between patio stones and discourages insects from living in those spaces, which means that you will have far fewer insects crawling into your home this summer. In order for this sand to truly do its job, however, you will need to ensure that all weeds are completely removed before the sand is applied (so be sure to follow the advice in step one prior to using polymeric sand on your patio).

To “set” polymeric sand, you will need to lightly mist it with water 3-4 times in an hour, then stay off the patio for a full 24 hours.

Polymeric sand is widely available at just about any home or hardware store, usually in the landscaping section.

Use “Wet and Forget”

Personally, when I have been wondering how to clean my patio, the use of soil-prevention products is something I have all too often overlooked—short-sighted on my part, as they both work well and prevent the needless waste of water through repeated pressure washes.

Wet & Forget is a product that relies on the use of surfactants along with the natural cycles of rain, sun, and wind to keep patio stones looking clean through preventing the accumulation of dirt and moss. To clean your patio stones with Wet and Forget, simply mix one part Wet and Forget with five parts of water in a garden sprayer and lightly mist your patio with it, being sure to apply a fresh coat every three or four months.

Take Care of Weeds with White Vinegar

In spite of all your best efforts, it’s likely that now and then, a rogue weed will still pop up. However, there’s usually no need to get down on your hands and knees and dig it out manually; instead, just add some white vinegar to a spray bottle along with a teaspoon of dish-washing soap and spray the offending weed—it should break right down thanks to the vinegar’s harsh acidity.

Though following the above tips, you should be able to effectively reduce the amount of times you have to clean your patio to about once or twice a year, leaving the summer months free for what we all enjoy most—relaxing!

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