Cleaning Granite Worktops: Do’s and Don’ts

Cleaning Granite worktops the correct way can mean avoiding costly mistakes. Many modern homes have granite in their kitchens, the material being tough and durable and long lasting. Overtime however, granite can start to look dull and dirty, and limescale and other dirt can start to ruin the overall appearance of your kitchen. Like with all materials, there are some do’s and don’ts that you need to abide by when cleaning granite worktops.

Ensure your Worktops are Sealed

Granite is a very tough and durable material for your worktops, and it is often preferred to marble as it is cheaper as well as less porous. However, badly finished worktops that are not sealed will soak up oil and stains that will then be very difficult to remove. A simple test can be carried out to ensure that your granite worktops are sealed; drops of water should start to form beads on the surface; when they soak in then you need to consider resealing your granite.

cleaning granite worktops

Never Use Harsh and Abrasive Cleaners

When cleaning granite worktops, you need to remember that although granite is a tough material you cannot use abrasive cleaners on it; you can ruin your whole kitchen when you decide to pour anything acidic or even bleach on your worktops. Your granite worktops are sealed when they are fitted, and overtime if you use abrasive cleaners you will destroy the protective layer that has been built up. Instead of using an abrasive cleaner in the hope of getting rid up of buildup of stains and spills, always wipe up spills as soon as you notice them and never let them dry or soak into your granite.

Use Mild Detergents and Warm Water

When cleaning granite worktops, all you really need is some gentle dish soap and a soft cloth. You may also like to periodically disinfect your worktops; once again however there is no need for abrasive chemicals. Keeping up with the cleaning of your granite can mean avoiding expensive repairs in the long run; if however you have recently purchased a property and the worktops are in need of deep cleansing you can call in your granite cleaning experts.

Professional Granite Cleaning

When you are left in a situation where your granite worktops are looking tired and old, before you decide to replace them with new ones, you should contact your professional granite cleaning experts. Professional granite cleaners know just what chemicals and detergents can be used on your worktops, and they will ensure that no harm is done to your worktops when they are cleaned.

Granite worktops are a great investment for any home. They look great and they will stand the test of time. To keep your worktops looking like new simply follow the above steps, or call in your professional team of cleaners. Never simply pour chemicals on your worktops or use abrasive cleaners; these are expensive mistakes that your professional cleaners will not be able to rectify and that may result in you having to completely replace your kitchen.

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