Carpet Cleaning Bath Tips from the Professionals

Next to having a clean bathroom, maintaining a clean carpet is the most essential step you can take toward ensuring the health of you and your family and this can be achieved when you call in your carpet cleaning Bath experts periodically. While we all love carpets for their deep plush feel under our feet, that same structure makes them a haven for germs and allergens, both of which are difficult to effectively remove from the pile. In fact, the surface of your carpet, if not cleaned fastidiously, can become up to 4,000 times dirtier than your toilet seat, according to microbiologist Dr. Philip Tierno. Speaking to Men’s Health magazine, Tierno observed that “Rugs are botanical and zoological parks.”

Why is this the case? The problem lies in the fibres, which are porous enough that they both attract soil—such as dirt tracked into the home by people and pets, shed dead skin cells and animal dander, and food and liquid particles—and harbour it stubbornly. Many common techniques for carpet cleaning Bath, professional cleaners say, either only remove surface grime (resulting in a carpet that looks cleaner, but truly isn’t much more hygienic, and which tends to re-soil rapidly), or are not capable of truly killing bacteria, meaning that respiratory issues persist for sensitive persons in the home.

carpet cleaning Bath

Fortunately, with a few cleaning tips from the pros, you can begin to truly beat back the invading bacteria and allergens lurking in your carpets. For thorough carpet cleaning, Bath professional cleaners recommend the following maintenance practices:

Vacuum your carpet at least once a week, and vacuum around entryways every few days. The key to easier carpet cleaning Bath, professionals reveal, is an ounce of prevention: if we whisk away first regularly, while it’s still on the surface of the pile, much less of it will get ground in deeply, where it’s all but impossible to reach without commercial-grade equipment.

Vacuum your carpet thoroughly. A few quick passes with the vacuum cleaner just won’t do—instead, work slowly in a criss-cross pattern, and try to make multiple passes over each section of carpet from different angles, so that you hit the fibres from all sides.

Apply a dry cleaning powder to your carpet once a month. Whether you opt to just use baking soda or go out and purchase a powdered carpet cleaner, a monthly overnight application of some form of dry cleaner is important. Dry cleaning powder aids in combating certain types of stubborn stains, notably grease (as it must be absorbed prior to removal), and it’s also needed in order to deodorise your carpets.

Call in the pros at least once a year for a proper hot water extraction (aka “steam”) cleaning. Professional carpet cleaners use superior, commercial-grade machines (often mounted on a vehicle) which inject extremely hot water deep into the carpet’s pile, flushing out stubborn grime and allergens while boiling bacteria to death, then suck all of the dirty water directly out of the pile, resulting in the most thorough clean possible.


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