Carpet Cleaners Bristol: Amazing Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpet Cleaners Bristol are amongst the best carpet cleaners in the entire country, and it’s not surprising why either. They’re highly skilled at what they do, they’re experienced and knowledgeable in their chosen profession, and above all else, they really care about their customers and the services that they provide. Despite taking special care to try and keep your carpets as clean and fresh as possible, unfortunately over time, they can begin to look tatty and unkempt.

Even if you’re the strictest individual in the world, vacuuming your carpet on a daily basis and taking special care not to contaminate it, overtime it will still begin to suffer, so what hope does give to the rest of us, particularly those of us with pets? Well, according to Carpet Cleaners Bristol, caring for and looking after your carpets needn’t be a huge chore, and it certainly needn’t be overly expensive either. If your carpet could do with a little TLC, here are a few amazing carpet cleaning tips, shared by the experts down at Carpet Cleaners Bristol.

carpet cleaners Bristol


Dab Stains

One common mistake that people tend to make when they have carpets in their homes, is to actually scrub and wipe spillages roughly and vigorously on their carpets, which is incredibly detrimental. Imagine for example, you spill a few drops of wine, or some of your Beef Madras on your cream carpet one Friday evening. Most people would rush to the kitchen, grab some kitchen roll or a scouring pad, some soap, and would rub the stain as hard as they could. All this does however, is allow the particles causing the stain to become engrained into the tiny fibres of the carpet. Instead, what you should be doing is gently dabbing and blotting the stain instead. Apply firm but gentle pressure to the stain to help you to soak it up, rather than spread it around. To help prevent further spreading of the stain, make sure you begin dabbing the stain outwards, working your way inwards.

Shaving Foam

It may sound bizarre to some of you, but most shaving foams have been found to actually work incredibly well at removing stains and just generally sprucing up your entire carpet. The great thing about shaving foams is that a small amount will cover a large area of the carpet, due to how foamy the substance gets. In actual fact, most shaving foams are able to remove pretty much any stain you can think of, including the dreaded red wine. Simply apply it directly onto the stain, leave for half an hour, and then dab and blot it away, using a clean, dry cloth.

Hire the Experts

Sometimes, as mentioned earlier, it doesn’t matter how careful we are, overtime our carpets will begin to fade and look past their prime, which is where Carpet Cleaners Bristol come into the fold. If your carpet could benefit from a deep clean, why not hire the professionals to take care of the job for you. They have the best possible tools and equipment, the knowledge and experience, and above all else, they’re fantastic at what they do.

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